From the 5th-11th December every year is the Hour of Code event to get young people knowing how to write computer code for use in a modern life. The family are having a tutorial on this and you will be able to see our works on To learn more about […]

Hour of Code

What more can we say, the day before the school trip to Edinburgh and he presents this to share. Certainly fresh air does Calum lots of good.   Must be all these people remembering to use Ecosia so we have lots of trees for a Happy Planet = Happy Humans.

Haggisman flips out

This year it was close. Almost forgot until Friday that this was taking place. After a few minutes an event was on-line on FaceBook and 57 invites sent. On Saturday we upped the effort and did lots of posting on FaceBook of the Quinn family build-up, as well as using […]

Eurovision 2016

Happy New Year to you all. 2016 is well underway, a little bit damp and not very festive for New Year in Switzerland, where we missed the snow for our garden party….. The return after the holiday was a big adventure for Niall, starting a new career path. From the […]

Happy New Year 2016 and a new career

I’m starting a period of reflection. Following my last six years working as a contractor for the worlds largest Health and Wellness company, I have a point of view from the heart of Nestlé. No matter which company of this size, age and diversity will always be a target for […]

Globalisation and Big Businesses

Happy Planet = Happy Humans The goal in my life is to live ecologically in keeping with my planet and engage everyone to be responsible for one another. Simply put, we have a single earth and we must protect it. Large scale deforesting is a problem. It impacts the climate, […]

Following intuition, purpose and intent

Who am I? Ooh philosophy. Do I know? Do I want to know? Should I know? What do I know? Not since the beginning of my blogging life have I had to think on this subject. My instant reaction is to say I’m an environmentally focused caring parent. Thinking more […]

Questions questions

There’s a lot of fear going around just now and also a lot of love. Remember to focus on the love and the positive! If those negative articles or negative comments make you feel bad, they stop you being effective and they stop you sending love and good vibes out […]

Don’t be afraid – feel the love

Powerful message – search engine has bigger plans as well, 1 billion trees to be planted. Recently the 2 million mark was passed and still accelerating. You can make the change to use Ecosia​ as your default search engine and help this good cause. Remember a Happy Planet = […]

Farewell to the forest, not if you use Ecosia